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“The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.” Voltaire

This was the first post I saw on my IG feed today which could not have been more fitting because I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Sometimes we all just need a reminder to put a dang smile on, right??

This is also a good quote for this blog since most of the links I’ll be sharing today are about mindset and improving your mood. Let’s hop in!

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Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

Sidekick (a Morning Brew newsletter)

  • Apparently the latest internet craze is ‘manifesting.’ I find this funny since manifesting is not a new concept, nor should it be a trend, but I guess we live in a weird internet world now where ideas quickly come and go. While I’m not super into ‘frou frou’/’hippy dippy’ thinking (I have too much of a realist personality) I do appreciate what journaling and ‘manifesting’ a goal or dream can do for us mentally. I wouldn’t even say it’s the end result that matters, it’s the process of getting you into the right frame of mind that really counts.
  • Check out the 369 Method to give you a place to start with your manifestation journey. While I haven’t necessarily used this particular method, I am a firm believer in writing things down ad nauseam. I literally have journals filled with pages of the same handful of words for whatever I might be working towards at the moment. Don’t balk it until you try it! What is something you’ve been able to manifest?
  • I appreciated this article on procrastination and how it’s more about mood management than time management.
  • If I’m being totally honest I want to include all of the links from the most recent Sidekick newsletter so I’ll just link to it here in case you want to deep dive more.

Daily Skimm

  • Networking has never come easy for me, and now in the times of screens and social distancing it’s even harder. Here’s an article on how to take some steps to better network in this ‘new world.’
  • I liked this article The Skimm put together on ways to improve your work from home situation. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to work from home but it definitely has it’s challenges! I think some of their tips will help get me out of a rut though.
  • Alright, this one is actually a podcast! I included an article last week about women and the future of wealth and asked how we can better support our women coworkers and leaders. This podcast talks about just that. If you don’t want to hear anything politically related, then skip ahead to minute 14.

The Newsette

  • While you’re manifesting, why not take some time for some gentle stretching and breathing exercises?
  • Similar to the live cam link I shared last week, this site will drop you in a random location around the globe. The first place it took me? A penitentiary in Pennsylvania (it honestly looked like an underground cave…), the second place it took me was Hamilton beach (much more soothing). Where did it take you?
  • If your manifestation process is leading you to start a new business, check out this article from Inc on where to begin.

Alright everyone, I hope you’re having a good week so far! I’ll likely be checking in this weekend to catch up on how the week went. Talk to you then!

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