Spotify 2021 Wrapped

Hello! I thought this would be a fitting post after yesterday’s ‘throw back.’

Music has been an interesting part of my life. We listened to a lot of classical music (and The Beatles) growing up, my parents would try to take us to a play or orchestra most Christmas’, and I ended up going to school for Music Business. I felt so much more connected to music when I was younger. I loved being around musicians, watching them work on their craft, and I wanted to work with them and promote them so more people could enjoy their hard work.

I was with my high school boyfriend for 9 years, and as you read yesterday, he started a jazz band. I was really proud of them. By the time we broke up they had produced an album and were starting to gain some local traction. They were honestly a big reason why I got into Music Business as a degree. I wanted to help them succeed and I really thought him and I were going to be together forever. I wanted us to be a power couple! So young and naive 😉

The older I got, the more I realized that if I really wanted to survive (financially) in the music world it would be best if I moved to a bigger city. The music scene in Denver is thriving, but it’s a small world, and if you want to get in you’ve got to be willing to work really hard for nothing. I also started realizing that while I loved being around musicians and going to live shows I wasn’t loving the business side of things. It’s dramatic, there are big ups and downs, you’re always on the move, and you’ve got to keep up with the trends. I don’t like to run off of adrenaline and I finally realized the music world was no longer for me. Since really stepping back (I worked for The Joints, a few other local musicians and venues) at around the age of 25 I’ve kind of lost my gusto for music. I’ve struggled to know what I like, what I want to listen to, and how to find new music. When I was so involved in the music scene in Denver it was easy to hear new music, listen to different types of genres, and push my listening skills. Now that I’m out of it though I haven’t had the desire to deep dive on my own.

Honestly, for most of this year I was listening to whatever my boyfriend wanted to listen to. Unless it’s music I can’t stand I tend to listen to whatever is on. He was also more opinionated on what he didn’t like, so it wasn’t really worth my energy to play my music around him. This is nothing against him, he just knew more what he liked and I was good listening to it. Now that we’re broken up, I’ve really struggled to find my listening preferences. I thought it would be fun to post my Spotify wrapped on here so see how my preferences change year over year.

Do you like any of these bands? Are there bands I’m missing out on that I should check out?

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