Weekly Reflections

Hey friends,

How’s your week been? I’m sitting here with my Christmas tree lit up, a candle going, my outdoor patio string lights on, Christmas jazz music playing and I feel super cozy. I also have one overhead light on, a pendant globe light on, a hallway light on, and my TV on pause on a YouTube video. So maybe it’s more chaotic than cosy 😉 I’m going to go turn all these extra lights off, brb…

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

It is weird living alone in a pandemic. OR maybe I should just say it’s weird living alone as an introvert who works from home. We’re not really in the highest point of the pandemic anymore, but we have a mask order where I live and it just doesn’t feel great to get out and mosey around town. There will legit be days in a row where I don’t talk to anyone – that is WEIRD. I’m an introvert, but that’s even a lot for me. With all that being said, I’ve been in my head a lot recently and now I’m going to share my random thoughts from the week with all of you! We’ll see if I keep this up weekly or not, because I think it will probably make you feel less crazy and me feel more crazy, but let’s just roll with it and see what happens!

Thoughts in no particular order (or more like “conversations with myself”):

  • “I should probably put Draino down the bathroom sinks. Maybe I’ll snake them first. Ooooo this is disgusting, where’s the Draino”
  • “How many times a month does someone clean their shower? I should really put together a cleaning schedule so I don’t have to waste brain power on this.”
  • “Call Amica” – me, literally everyday to change my condo insurance. Then I come up with a million excuses or I forget. This has been going on for weeks now. I just need to pick up the phone and call them!
  • “You should go grocery shopping” – me, also everyday, still hasn’t happened….
  • “Take the Christmas boxes to the storage unit” – said Christmas boxes are still sitting next to my TV stand
  • “Get out of bed, just do it” – me every morning when my alarm goes off, then proceeds to hit snooze for the next hour
  • “Go to bed, just turn off the tv and go to bed” – me, every night once 11pm hits – proceeds to watch one more show before making it to bed
  • “What gets people out of bed in the morning? Does coffee really motivate people that much? Maybe I should start drinking caffeine again Maybe if I get fun flavored creamer I’ll jump out of bed every morning. Don’t forget to add to grocery list.”
  • “Shit, I forgot my mask, why the f do I need to wear a mask in my own condo building? I never see anyone, it will be fine.” Proceeds to see three people who could be my grandparents age, all wearing masks, and I immediately feel terrible.
  • Hears knock at door “mmm, it’s probably a delivery, they’ll go away.” Here’s knock again, gets up and answers and proceeds to have a conversation with a ‘neighbor’ who’s car was broken into last night. ‘Neighbor’ leaves “hmm, was that legit? or was he just scoping out my unit to see how easy it would be to break into? Does he really live here?” Jeeminy, what is wrong with me!
  • Hear’s people talking in the hallway for the first time all week – runs to door and looks out peephole “aww, that’s cute, the neighbors are talking! Wish I knew any of my neighbors.’ Then immediately rolls eyes and realize I don’t know my neighbors because I creepily stare at them from behind my door instead of opening it and joining the conversation. To be fair, I rarely see any neighbors and the ones right around me aren’t the most chipper…

Mmkay, that’s all for this week. I hope you feel a little less crazy and that you don’t think I’m too crazy and stop reading my blog posts hahaha

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