Weekly Links

Hello! How are you? How’s your week going? Any highlights you’d like to share? 

I haven’t been keeping up with reading my newsletters so these links will be from the archives, but interesting nevertheless!

As a reminder, you can subscribe to any of the newsletters at the following links: The NewsetteDailySkimm, and Morning Brew.

Photo by rikka ameboshi on Pexels.com

Sidekick (a Morning Brew newsletter)

  • Write a letter to your future self, you can even use this service to deliver it for you and some prompts to help you get started, or do the opposite and write a letter from your future self
  • Want to write those letters to your future self in a journal (instead of online?) – check out these beautiful options. I’ve had dreams of starting an online journal shop – but this one exceeds anything I’ve dreamed of
  • An interesting article with tips on how to improve your writing. I’ve mentioned this before, but I really don’t like editing my work. This is why blogging is kind of nice – you can claim that you’re blogging as if you’re speaking to someone – but really you’re just not the best editor ;). I should take the advice of this article and test out some of the tips

The Newsette

Morning Brew

  • hours of swimming squids set to lofi beats while you study or work
  • live jellyfish cam from the Monterey Bay Aquarium – do you find this relaxing or anxiety inducing? I’m going with the latter…
  •  footage of Earth from space, or the classic – do you have two monitors but you’re currently only using one? Blow this up on your second screen for some background music and stunning images

Alright, a short list this week, but there are still some good finds in there. Enjoy!

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