Beach Sunset“Know what you stand for” said the man sitting next to me.  He was talking to what I can only guess was his mentee.  This girl (probably around college age) clearly was feeling a little lost in life and was soaking in everything this man had to say like it was going to save her life.  I didn’t hear anymore of the conversation but that was all I needed to hear.

Being connected

We all get up and make thousands of decisions that affect the way our life unfolds – and whether we realize it or not – how other peoples’ lives unfold as well.

Stand for something

So what do I stand for?  Being my own stubborn, creative, quiet, contemplative, introverted, real, happy self.  Surrounding myself with ‘more my people’ and allowing myself to be fully immersed in this thing called life.

So who is behind Cosy Chaos?

My name is Nicole, I’m in my early thirties living in Colorado, and I work full time for a tech company in operations and finance.  I’ve had a few different renditions of this blog, but my newest venture is to take the opportunity to appreciate the big and little things in life, connect with others who I wouldn’t normally be able to, document how life is going and what is currently on my mind.  I hope you’ll join me in this journey and can feel a little more connected to yourself and your surroundings through this process as well.

Feel free to check out my Welcome page to learn a little bit more about me and my journey!  I’m looking forward to connecting with more of you through this process 🙂

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