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Hello! How are you? How was your weekend?

To follow up on my post from last week on manifesting I wanted to share some of my own thoughts on the process and what I like (and don’t like about it).

I do feel like you can manifest certain parts of your life. Do you ever get to a point in your life and you say something like “I didn’t even know this is what I needed?” I sometimes feel like that, like I must have asked for this scenario without even realizing it. It can also be satisfying if you’ve been wanting something for so long and you feel like it has finally happened. I think manifesting is a lot of getting you in the right headspace to take the right steps toward your goal, as well as some luck and a more open mind mixed in.

I find though, after I feel I’ve manifested something, that I realize all the things I forgot to include in that dream/goal/desire. Let’s use a silly, basic example: Maybe I’m manifesting a dream job that includes a certain salary and a type of coworker. Maybe I get this job that has met these two requirements but what I realize I forgot to include in my manifestation are all the details: Having a good, supportive, boss who doesn’t micro manage me (too bad I forgot to think about that one as my boss looks over my shoulder!), has a good benefits package (did you know some companies don’t offer dental and vision?), and location (I love this job, but I don’t love driving an hour each way to get to work).

Picture from my hike over the weekend

This is just an example that I’m sure you all can relate to. I go through phases of manifestation, and I find that I tend to take long breaks after I feel I’ve succeeded at a manifestation for the above example alone. I worry I don’t know exactly what I want so I feel I’m not ready to manifest, and I worry that by forgetting the details I’ll either not get what I’m hoping for, or I’ll overthink the thing so much that by the time it has happened I’m exhausted and won’t even appreciate that I succeeded.

Does anyone else deal with this? My manifestations used to be something like: a life filled with ‘my people’ where I’m content and fulfilled. Now they can look like: a life filled with 5 male friends and 3 female friends, who are driven but know how to relax, have found balance but know when to step it up, make me laugh but know when to be serious, live close but not so close that I feel guilty if I’m not seeing them all the time. This is clearly an overboard example, but you can see how it can turn into a black hole so quickly and then you’ve lost all semblance of what you were looking for in the first place!

There are a couple different goals I’d like to start manifesting for the next year but I haven’t dove in yet out of fear. Have you dealt with this before? Any suggestions on how to overcome this? Also, any suggestions on how to manifest in a way that doesn’t go overboard while still feeling like you’ve covered the important pieces? I’ll take any advice I can get!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and has a delicious beverage to start their week off right – I’m thinking I’ll go for some matcha today.

Happy week and happy manifesting!

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