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Hello! How’s everyone’s week going? I’m super excited because I finally figured out how to properly add links to posts. I’m still figuring out WordPress (very slowly) but I’m so excited to get this series going!

I subscribe to 3 different newsletters: The Newsette, DailySkimm, and Morning Brew. If I’m lucky I get to read all three newsletters in the morning before I start my day, but there are typically links in each newsletter that I want to check out later so they just sit in my inbox for weeks/months before I either give up and delete them or finally open up the newsletter to follow all the links. I’m hoping by sharing weekly links with you guys, it will keep me more accountable to keeping my inbox clean as well as being able to save the links I’m interested in all in one spot! I’ll make sure to let you know where the articles came from, and if you want to subscribe to any of the newsletters just click on the referral links above and you’ll get to enjoy these yourself!

Also, a quick note on these links, they might be from a while ago (as I clean up my inbox) but I know they’ll still be interesting!

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The Newsette

  • I’ve never gotten a manicure because I’ve always been a nail biter. CoVid has actually helped with this (fear of getting the virus….) but I’m still not great at leaving them alone when I’m stressed or bored. I’ve seen lots of ads for this DIY Gel Manicure company and I’m a little intrigued. Have any of you (or would any of you) try this out??
  • A quick but hopeful article about women and the future of wealth. I know 2020 was incredibly hard for so many women who had to make the tough decision to either cut back their hours, or completely leave their job in order to take care of their family through the pandemic. This can be a huge setback as women work on getting back into the workforce. I personally don’t know any woman who has purchased their own house – do you? I’d love to see some of these ‘commonly held practices’ taken up by women! What are things you can do for yourself, your friends, and your coworkers, to help empower and drive women to be more successful in their workplace?
  • A quick office break yoga stretching sesh. Honestly, I’m not super into yoga, but I have done a few of Yoga With Adriene’s videos and I think they’ve all been great. I’ve also been seeking out all the quick stretches I can since I’ve been sitting (and hunching) more than ever these days!

Daily Skimm

  • Lots of fun live cams of nature (Northern Lights, the ocean, a Wolf Center)
  • A list of recipes using pantry staples. I don’t know about you, but I’m still struggling with what to cook every week. Hoping this will help!
  • An app to book cleaning services. Has anyone used Handy? Not that I’m interested in it now, but I’d like to flag it for possibly down the road. It would be nice to have someone clean our place even once a quarter! In the very least it will be great to find someone to do our move out clean at the end of our lease.

Morning Brew

  • Six hours of soothing music from the NPR Music Staff. For those days when you just need to chill out.
  • Did you know YouTube has a Learning Hub? Neither did I…
  • The MorningBrew writers made a list of of the different ways you can donate your time and money to help those most affected by the pandemic. While they curated this list months ago, it is still very relevant.

Alright, I’m going to wrap it up there for this week! Let me know what you thought. Did you like this kind of post? I honestly will probably keep doing them for my own record, but if you have suggestions on different formats let me know 🙂


  1. Thank you @CosyChaos for the Live Cam link you posted above in the Daily Skimm. My wife has wanted for years to see the Northern Lights – and I’m hoping we’ll get a good look together this way!

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