Current Favorites

Hello! It has been way too long – how are you guys doing??? I’ll get a decaf chats post up soon so we can catch up, but for now let’s get into some of my most recent favorites that I’m loving.

As a side note, does anyone know a tool I could use to create a one pager with images and links to my favorites instead of a list like I’m going to do? I use Canva for some blog designs, but I’m not really seeing anything on there for this type of application. Thanks!

In no particular order or category:

Rachael’s Good Eats Matcha – If I’m making matcha at home it is always going to be with this one – she created a delicious, smooth matcha that I love!

When I make matcha I use a milk frother for both the matcha and the milk. I know you should use a matcha whisk and bowl but this honestly works great! I froth up the matcha with a few ounces of water first and then I pour that into my mug before frothing up some milk – very quick matcha latte at home.

Speaking of Rachael, her Good Sweat At Home programs are very good. Not only is the program so accessible because there are always modifications and it’s meant to be done at home, but at this point she’s done the program twice through live on IG or her private Facebook group so for all 10 weeks you can find a follow along live workout for four of the five workouts each week. It’s soo much more motivating to workout ‘with’ someone.

One (of the few) positives that has come out of CoVid is I’ve actually started a skincare routine. I don’t wear makeup and I used to just wash my face a few times a week, but now I’ve really gotten into a routine! A few of my fave products are: Biossance Night Serum, Biossance Eye Gel, Cocokind Celery Duo, Mountain Time Lip Balm.

Every morning I drink Sarah’s Day Body Bloom and take my Ritual Multivitamin. I’ve gone through phases of taking a lot of vitamins, but right now I’m loving the simplicity of just taking one multivitamin for the day.

The last favorite I’ll share for now are these Frye Boots (I got them in a brown color but looks like those are out of stock). I splurged this winter when they were having a sale and I absolutely love them! They have been great for cold, snowy dog walks as well as walking around the town this winter. Highly recommend 🙂

I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll catch up with everyone soon 🙂

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