Decaf Chats

Happy weekend!

I want to start a new type of post called “Decaf Chats.” I chose to stop drinking coffee (with few exceptions) a couple of years ago. It was giving me heart murmurs, cold sweats, and occasionally the shakes. I mostly do decaf coffee now and I’m getting back into Matcha which doesn’t negatively affect me like coffee does. Whatever your choice of drink is, go grab something cozy and let’s chat!

Winter hit this week and I am so not ready. To be honest, I’m never ready for the cold and snow. I grew up in Colorado so you think I would be used to it by now but I’ve never settled into winter. I already struggle with poor circulation and being cold most of the time, and winter just exacerbates this for me. I’m always on the search for the warmest gloves, hats, layers, jackets, boots, etc. Some favorites of mine are: Columbia Base Layer; Eddie Bauer Puffy; SmartWool Bottoms. I’m still on the search for a good pair of gloves/mittens – any suggestions? I’m also a jacket fiend so I’ll always take jacket suggestions as well 😉

With Halloween this weekend, and snow on the ground (although it’s already melting – I love you Colorado) I’ve definitely been doing some baking recently. I made Rachael’s Good Eats Pumpkin Spice Cookie Skillet and it was sooo good. The texture was perfect. I also have in the oven right now her Sweet Snack Mix. It’s making the house smell wonderful. And if you want your house to smell like you’ve been baking pumpkin/spice/chai treats all day make these Chai Spiced Nuts. They are incredible and I plan to make a batch weekly. They’re great to snack on (I gave some to a friend who is nursing and she’s says they’re the perfect late night nursing snack) and we also put them in salads all the time (I highly recommend adding to beet and goat cheese salad).

I’ve been struggling a little with savory dishes. I know most people can relate, but cooking so much throughout CoVid has exhausted all of my excitement for cooking. I’m pretty worn out and have lost most motivation for cooking. I did find this Wild Rice soup last week though that we’ve already remade because it’s too good and wonderfully easy. Anyone have good plant based dinner suggestions? Pinterest scrolling has become too much for me, so I’ll take any recommendations you have!

We’re off to meet up with a couple friends for a little hike. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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