Weekends Away

This past weekend my boyfriend, myself, his dog, and a friends dog all packed up in his truck and headed to his parents cabin in the South Park area of Colorado. There has been something so special about spending weekends away this year. I’m not one to travel (mostly out of fear) and I tend to be a homebody (introverts, where you at?) but taking the time to get out to local areas this year has been very fulfilling.

With working from home, having fun at home, being bored at home, cooking at home, cleaning at home, working out at home, talking to friends and family at home, staring at the computer all day at home, it has been really important for my boyfriend and I to find time away from home.

With fire bans in Colorado there hasn’t been a huge desire to camp and with quarantine we haven’t felt compelled to leave the state. We have spent a few weekends through quarantine at his parents cabin which has been so nice, and we also spent one weekend in Breckenridge recently.

I don’t think getting away for a few days needs to involve a passport, plane ticket, or even time off from work (although I highly recommend if you can!). I think there is so much we can all explore and experience in our own backyards. Being forced to slow down this year and look at experiences closer to home hasn’t been easy, but it has been good to push the boundaries of our comfort zones. Appreciating all the things we can do, instead of all the things that have been prohibited.

I think, even being a homebody, I’m getting the itch to start traveling but for now I’ll take any weekend away we can get!

I hope everyone has a nice week and don’t forget to take sometime away, even if that means a walk on your own, or checking out a new coffee shop. Explore the areas around you that you normally look past. Let me know one way you’ve been able to find some time away (near or far) this year!

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