Neighborhood Produce Stand


My boyfriend and I try to go on a walk after dinner every night.  Of course this doesn’t always happen – but I get real cranky if it doesn’t happen too many days in a row – haha whoops!  But we pass by this produce stand just a few houses down from us every time we walk and we stop almost every time to look and see what they have, but we have never actually purchased anything.  Well tonight – do you see how many amazing things they had for sale?  This is just a family that happens to like growing and sharing produce – and then at the end of the season they donate any profits to a local food-based non-profit.  I will have to look at the end of this season to see for sure what the non-profit is, but I know they don’t do this to make any money – they just love sharing what they have grown!


The colors didn’t get captured quite like I had hoped from my camera phone – but it’s pretty none the less.  I’m not sure I will ever get sick of seeing the mountains right in my backyard everyday – simply amazing!


This photo doesn’t do what we purchased justice, but we finally purchased from this stand!  And all of this?  It was only $3!  Some amazingly organically grown strawberries, some huge kale, and some deliciously smelling basil that I put in some water in my fridge to help keep it fresh and delicious.

I love coming across secret little finds like this and being able to participate.  Thanks neighbors!

~Conscious living at it’s finest~

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