Don’t be stagnant

I heard this from someone sitting next to me at a coffee shop who was talking to one of their friends.  This person seemed very wise and like he had many experiences, mistakes, misfortunes, good times, and prosperity under his belt – someone who I could sit and listen to their wisdom for hours.  But instead I eavesdropped for a minute or two and heard him say that.  What a simple thing to say, but how great is that?

I have a strong love for the moon (thanks to my wonderful grandma) and every time I see it I feel better about life.  I overheard ‘don’t be stagnant’ a couple days before I woke up to this:


In this picture it looks pretty clearly like the sun, but when I was walking to the bus and I saw this (probably partly because I was still not fully awake) I honestly thought for a couple of minutes that it was the moon.  That quote (don’t be stagnant) came into my head and seeing this beautiful sunrise (which I thought was the moon) just reminded how important it is to keep heading in the direction you want to be going in – even if it is a slow pace – just don’t be stagnant!

It is hard to stay on top of stuff for The Joints, or do as much as I want to do for them, when I am working a full time job, getting five or so hours of sleep a night, making dinners and lunches, cleaning, and working out, but I just have to remember to keep on trucking and do things for the band whenever possible – then I am still working on a goal, even if it isn’t going as fast as I would like it to be.

It is so important to find the time to do the things you want to be doing and not waste all of your time on the things you have to be doing.  I have figured out how to fit in some extra time to start working out again, I can readjust my schedule some more to make sure I fit in time each week to keep working on The Joints, even if it is just updating this blog each week.  This blog helps me remember why I do what I do and reminds me to keep working on my goals – don’t let them get away from me.

Mmk that’s all for now – I am sitting at The Laughing Goat listening to a few of my favorite musicians play so I think I’ll listen for a while.

As for the recipe of the week I have chosen Chicken Chimichangas.  This is a go to for B and myself when we need a quick easy delicious dinner.  This recipe is even easier if you have leftover chicken, or if you buy a rotisserie chicken and shred up some meat off of that.  You can check out the recipe here:

Until next time,

~Trying to stay awake~

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