“Falling down is a part of life…

…getting back up is living.” – Jose N Harris

This quote doesn’t have a lot to do with my blog post today, I just love the emotions that quote can bring out.   It turns a fairly cliche saying into something that actually has emotion and brings feeling to it and can really make someone think about what the quote is trying to say.

So I was listening to someone talk the other day about what they do and they are part of a multi-level-marketing travel business, kind of like Avon except with travel instead of makeup.  It works great for them because this person is passionate about travel so ‘selling’ the product to other people isn’t work, it’s just sharing the passion.  It all sounds great on the outside because this person gets to travel all the time for cheap, they only work part time, they get to talk to people and make big bucks while doing it.  It seems to really work for this person and I can understand the appeal of wanting to join, except it’s definitely not for me – travel is not something I can get excited enough about that I want to ‘sell’ it to other people.
Which got me thinking about work and passion.  Some people are lucky enough, like the person I just described, to make a living doing what they love – others (like me and many people I know) have a day job to pay the bills and do what they are passionate about outside of work.  It would be so great to be able to combine these two but also, maybe it’s OK to have it be separate as well.  It’s OK to go to a ‘day job’ and get your check every certain amount of weeks and know that it will pay your bills, that way when you are doing what you are passionate about you don’t have to worry about it being successful right away.  It takes the pressure out of it and keeps the passion and fun in it.  When I step back and can look at the big picture and realize things like this, it definitely makes me appreciate my day job much more.  And then I feel like if what you are passionate about ever does become so successful that you do make money from it, it is that much more sweet.

It also makes me realize though how many people may have started with a passion and either did it as their job or had a day job and did it on the side but life got so in the way that their passion fizzled and all they have are the day to day parts of life – eat, sleep, clean, work – I hope that I am with a passionate enough person and that I can stick with my passion long enough that even if my current passion fades away I remember how important it is to be passionate about something and pursue another passion of mine.  I think if we all focused just a little more on our passions and just a little less on our day jobs we would live in a much more beautiful world…
Well, I will leave you with that as I head to my day job so that I can continue to pay for the internet so that I can continue to write this blog:)

As for my recipe of the week I am going to choose Linguini Lasagna that I found on a blog called ‘Busy in Brooklyn’ – you can find the recipe here:  http://www.busyinbrooklyn.com/linguini-lasagna/  It fed myself and four of my hungry roommates so it makes plenty of food!  I love it because you can customize however you want and it still tastes delicious – o and it’s super easy too!

Until next time

~Remembering to stay passionate~

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