Hello everyone!  This is my first blog post ever – it feels good:)  I have been toying with the idea for a while of starting a blog but I just turned 24, I am moving up to Boulder in a couple of weeks and I thought why not start it now?  I’m thinking this year is going to be full of changes so why not add one more to the list and start a blog?!?

A little about me:  I work in an office in Boulder (it pays the bills), I work with a jazz band in the Denver/Boulder area on marketing/promotions/organization and I love it.  I got my degree in Music Business and I would love to be able to make the switch one day to doing music in any capacity full time

I live in Golden with my boyfriend but we are moving up to Boulder in July with roommates – it will be a change for us to be living with roommates again but I am looking forward to the adventure:)

Well I hope you stick around with me while I traverse this new world of the blogosphere and muse about whatever is on my mind – I see this blog turning into music articles; recipes; and just news about everyday life.  I hope you take this journey with me:)

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