Two Degrees Bars and Interview #1

Let’s say, for a moment, that I am trying to impress a company that I would really love to work for.  Then, hypothetically, let’s say that this is my first attempt at getting an interview.  This is a company who is all about our planet and sharing their love for healthy, eco-friendly products – who wouldn’t want to work for them?  Well, perhaps, people who don’t care about our planet… 

Here’s a sample blog post I would write for them about one of the companies they work with.

Two Degrees Food(Source)

Two Degrees Bars

OK it’s obvious these bars are incredibly delicious, but can we talk about the real story behind this company?  They fight childhood hunger and when you purchase their amazing bars you help them with this mission.  “The distance between you and a hungry child may seem far, but you’re only two degrees away.”  Fighting hunger can seem like a daunting task, but when you partner (by purchasing their products) with this company, you actually can help make a change. 

Every time you purchase a Two Degrees bar the company donates a meal to a child in need.  They also try to have these meals produced locally whenever possible so you are also helping support local economies.  They take this mission very seriously and to date they have donated over 928,000 meals! 


On a delicious note…  These bars are healthy, gluten free and vegan.  They use real ingredients like fruit, nuts, seeds, and healthy grains to help fuel your day.  They have delicious flavors like Chocolate Peanut (my favorite!), Cherry Almond and Apple Pecan.  I have these bars scattered all over my life – my gym bag, my backpack, my purse, my car, my pantry – for when I need a quick, delicious and wholesome snack that I can feel good about eating. 

Give these a try, you are bound to find a flavor you love, and with such an amazing mission you won’t want to stop buying them!

Head on over to their website at to learn more about how hunger affects our world and how you can help!


Thanks for reading everyone; cross your fingers that this at least gets this companies attention and maybe I’ll score an interview!

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