December KlutchClub

My KLUTCHBox is here!!!  If you haven’t yet heard of KlutchClub you should check them out.  They are a monthly subscription service that sends over $50 worth of health, fitness and wellness products.  This is my third box and I can’t wait to share it with you!Image

Their packaging is very cute & clever, but extremely organized and compact.


They do post ahead of time on their website what is in each month’s box but I try to stay away from their website and Facebook page until I get my box so it is a surprise what is in the box (I love surprises!)

Each month is a different theme and they always include a ‘Product Guide’ which is extremely helpful.  They have also updated their website and you can now see what is in each box, click on each product to go to their website, and they have labeled each product so you know what is Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Fair Trade, Certified Organic, Recycled Packaging and No Artificials.  This month’s box was the “New Year’s Resolution Box.”


And included were 9 products and two gift cards:

ImageNow to all the goodies inside!  The first item is C. Booth Body Butter.  It is a hydrating honey & almond body butter that’s au naturale and it helps keep your skin soft during the winter.  We received an 8 ox bottle of it – it seems like it will last all winter for me!  The next item is Giovanni Natural Shampoo & Conditioner packed with Moroccan argan oil and Brazilian phyto-keratin to help you ‘Get Supermodel Sexy Hair.’  I will definitely be trying this out to mix up in my rotation of hair products.  The next item included is Berry Plus which is a natural laundry detergent that’s good for you and the earth with no harsh chemicals.  They come in small 1/2 tsp capsules so they are really easy to carry around (especially if you don’t have laundry in your own apartment) – I can’t wait to try these!  

Now onto the food items!  First thing included is Funky Monkey Snacks which are organic and non-GMO dried fruit snacks.  The flavor included was Jivealime “pineapple with lime” and they were delicious!  I am not sure if I would buy them on a regular basis because I am not a huge fan of dried fruit, but I can see how they would be handy to keep in your car when you need an instant pick me up.  Next is Jaali Bean with is a quick and easy to make Lential and Rice Kit with the perfect pinch of spice.  I am really excited to try this – I am not a huge fan of Indian food but my boyfriend and I recently started eating vegetarian so I am definitely going to add this to our ‘food to try’ list.  Then there was a cute package of Lush Gourmet Nuts in a Dark Chocolate Chili flavor.  They were a little spicy for me, but so delicious that I couldn’t stop eating them.  If you check out their website they have many tempting flavors that I would love to try! Up next is Zevia which is a Natural Cola Soft Drink sweetened with Stevia.  I don’t drink soda but I love the idea of this and I know someone who I am going to give this to try.  Then there is SOYJOY bars (2 were included).  I am not a huge fan of eating soy products but I am definitely going to give these a try – they seem like the perfect bar to keep in the car or your gym bag when you need a little snack to keep you energized.  There was some KTTape included which is elastic sports tape used to treat and prevent injuries, a gift card to Streamfit where you can find tons of workouts online to do from your own home, and a gift card to Seer Outfitters which is a conscious clothign company whose proceeds support underprivileged children.

Overall I love the box and I can’t wait to try so many of the products.  I have loved all of the boxes I have received so far and am already looking forward to my January box.  I love them because you get to have access to products you might not have normally heard of in trial sizes to see if you like them and there is so much variety that you won’t get bored with their products.  They do a ton of research on all of their products before they send them to you so you know everything in the box is worth trying out.  I think you should try them out too!  You should check out KLUTCHClub here and check out their monthly subscription to see if one fits you.  You can try them out for one month for $10 box and $8 shipping, or 3 months for $9 a box and $8 shipping, or sign up for the entire year for only $8 box and $8 shipping. 

This is such a happy thing to come home to and I love getting to see what they have packed in each box.  I hope you like it too!

~Getting ready to head to a holiday party~




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