A cup of water…


Have you ever thought about how much we all take water for granted?  I know some of us may feel like we are in a drought, and we can’t water as much as we would like, but we never think twice about our drinking water and how lucky are we for that?  I mean I will be the first one to admit that I don’t even like drinking tap water anymore because so many of us are so used to bottled water and filtered water (I mean Starbucks triple filters their water – a little overboard?)  Anyways my picture today is of a cup of water because I read a blog post earlier tonight that just spoke to me.  I was checking out Minimalist Baker (http://minimalistbaker.com/) a blog I check out often and the most recent post is about a cookbook that was created to give away for free to help their favorite charity – Charity Water.  There is a video on there where “ugly girl sobs are welcome.”  It is a very sad but sweet and inspiring video that inspired me to donate to this charity and to take a picture of my cup of water that yesterday I would have gulped down without a second thought to how lucky I am to have that water.  But today I took some time to savor it and appreciate how much I have.  

If you have a second, check out the charity (http://www.charitywater.org/), donate if you can, or share it on your blog to spread the word, and check out the inspiring blog post (http://minimalistbaker.com/smores-hot-chocolate-charity-water-e-cookbook/#more-2331) I read to get me motivated to share with you, and only watch the movie if you aren’t emotionally unstable at the time;) – drink a cup of their S’mores Hot Chocolate while you are at it – it looks delicious!

Thanks for reading everyone and the next time you drink your triple filtered, not even close to tap water, remember how lucky we are.   Good night!

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