The Joints rehearsal


Listening to The Joints rehearsal – so much fun listening to them work on new songs together and bounce ideas off one one another – makes me happy:)

Also, on a totally different note a tried a new snack yesterday that you MUST try if you like Greek yogurt.  I needed a new way to eat my Greek yogurt since I can’t get fresh strawberries anymore (used to eat plain Greek yogurt with strawberries and homemade granola – I use this one from the Peanut Butter Fingers blog:  so yummy!).  But since that is no longer an option I decided to try something new, so I added 1 packet of Truvia (I got a sampler pack in my last KLUTCH box ( and a lot of cinnamon and mixed it all together.  It was SOO good.  I dipped apples in it as a fruit dip but it was really yummy just eating it alone – I like adding crunchy things to my snacks though because it feels more satisfying.  You can obviously add just a little cinnamon if you aren’t a huge fan, but I highly suggest trying this as a new snack – mmm I might have to make that right now…I love food

Happy Saturday!



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